Wealth Access is the simplest, most effective portfolio analysis and investment monitoring software in the world. Transparency through technology will transform
the investor/advisor relationship.



Checking, savings, brokerage, retirement, mortgages and loans. We all lead complex financial lives. Wealth Access aggregates information from over 20,000 financial institutions and other sources helping investors and their advisors make smarter decisions about finances.



Wealth Access provides investors with a holistic view of their money. Now there's a simple way to see it all in one place.



Wealth Access makes sharing financial information among investors and their advisors easy and effective. With linked accounts, a clear and complete picture of the investor's net worth emerges. Permission-based access ensures that the investor remains in control of the information.

Total Wealth Dashboard

In markets increasingly dominated by algorithms and automated digital transactions, better access, knowledge and understanding of an investor's total wealth picture will improve human judgment in managing complex portfolios.


Wealth Access offers a complete wealth dashboard that's easy to understand and easy to view anywhere,
in real time.


We have the ability to connect and aggregate performance metrics from over 20,000 financial institutions and other sources, more than any other service.


We empower collaboration among advisors to view and better understand a client's total wealth picture and make more informed recommendations.


We deliver state of the art privacy, protecting investors from third party access.

concierge service

Setup and onboarding is painless for advisors, and we provide concierge-level service to investors and advisors for setup and access.


Investors own their financial information.

document vault

All key legal and financial documents are stored in a secure location, easily accessible by authorized users anywhere.

virtual family office

For multi-generational family portfolios, Estate Wealth Access offers controlled, multi-level access for individual family members and their authorized advisors.


Greenover Group, LP, J. Kelley Williams, Jr.

"The dashboards facilitate decision making by allowing me to view our entire portfolio - both consolidated and by entity - at a glance. Wealth Access aggregates data for us, so we can move our efforts from reconciling statements and entering data to reviewing asset allocation and making investment decisions."

Westport Resources, John A. Vaccaro, CFP, CLU, Chief Executive Officer

"I believe Wealth Access will revolutionize our industry by providing full transparency and communication between investors and their trusted advisors. We find this especially powerful for multi-generational families with complicated financial pictures."

Canterbury Consulting, Ben Francois, President

"Wealth Access is a great addition to our suite of wealth management solutions. It allows us to shift resources away from information gathering and towards more collaboration with our clients and their networks of advisors, resulting in a measurable impact on the quality of service
we provide."

Avenue Bank, Ron Samuels, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

"We partner with Wealth Access as a means to introduce wealth management services to our high net worth clients, and to better understand their comprehensive financial picture."

Robin StoneHill, retired NYSE specialist

"Wealth Access gives me a comprehensive, detailed picture of my financial life all on one platform. It is user friendly and enables me to interact effectively with multiple advisors."

Waddell & Associates, Inc., David S. Waddell, CFP, Chief Executive Officer

"The comprehensive, well-organized data from Wealth Access has deepened our client relationships by providing clarity into the details of their financial lives. With the ease of access to this information, we have provided our clients valuable reporting and more efficient, thorough financial planning."


See why Wealth Access is one of the fastest growing wealth management platforms in America.

more clarity

Organize complicated information into one easy to use and understand view.

Unify fragmented information. Track entire portfolios across multiple financial institutions and asset classes.

better productivity

Reduce time and hassle compiling information from paper sources.

Communicate with multiple advisors in one comprehensive platform.

stronger relationships

Better understand your clients' needs to offer a superior level of service and differentiate your practice from others.

Establish true collaboration with your clients and their other advisors. Become involved in every aspect of your client's portfolio.

our company

Founded in 2011, Wealth Access, Inc. is an online platform that helps high net worth individuals and their advisors better manage wealth. Developed by a former advisor with expertise in the complexities of high net worth individuals and knowledge of technology from an advisor's perspective, Wealth Access aggregates data from complex global portfolios, and renders them in a simple, clear, real-time digital "dashboard." Access to this secure dashboard is sharable to all an investor's advisors, enabling clearer understanding of complex portfolios in the management of individual and multi-generational wealth. In 2012 Wealth Access, Inc. became one of the fastest growing wealth management platforms in America.

founder's letter
Featured Portrait

David Benskin

Founder and CEO

Formerly First Vice President - Investments in Global Wealth Management Group of Merrill Lynch, David was previously a partner of a Private Banking and Investments Group team, then later launched his own practice at Merrill Lynch providing wealth management advice to high net worth families.

Featured Portrait

Ken Colson

Chief Information Officer

Ken has served in senior management roles with various public and private software companies, as well as the University of Florida. Ken earned an M.S.A. in Software Engineering from the University of West Florida. Ken also serves as Head Unicorn Wrangler for Wealth Access.

Featured Portrait

Will Cooper

VIce President of Operations

Will joined Wealth Access after serving in multiple roles, and ultimately Operations Lead at Black Diamond Reporting, a business unit of Advent Software. Will began his career at Merrill Lynch.

Featured Portrait

Ellen Smith

Vice President of Sales

Ellen has been in the Financial Services Industry for 15 years, affiliated most recently she was with eMoney Advisor. In that time she has worked with Independent Advisors, RIAs, Banks and Home Offices all in a sales capacity building and developing relationships.

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